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Where Does The Money Go?

As always, your donations will never leave the state.  We are a team of true volunteers that will use 100% of donations to provide free cancer screenings for residents of Alabama. For most cancers, early detection is the best way to save a life! We are continually volunteering our time to support local loved ones and our community.


"Love Local - Donate Local"

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Kick For Cancer

 Sunday, April 28th  @ Heardmont Park

Noon - 4:00pm

Go To A Match & Meet Birmingham LEGION!

1. Go to bit.ly/kickforcancer and use promo code: KICKFORCANCER


2. Purchase tickets to see Birmingham Legion vs. Loudoun United on April 27th.

3. Register at kickforcancer.org and meet the players on April 28th!


7:00 PM


Meet the players!
Get Autographs!
Win Tickets!

About The Event

Upon arrival at the gate, participants will need to register for the kicking challenges. We are asking for a $10 donation for each person(s). 


1. Participants will be given a completion card outlining the different kicking challenges to complete. 


2. Different age groups include: 


  • 12 and Under (yellow sticker).

  • 13-17 (red sticker).

  • 18 and Up.



3. Challenge your friends and family members as you walk station-to-station completing 15 different kicking challenges throughout the park. Once you complete a station, our volunteers will mark your card and guide you to your next station.


4. Win prizes items such as; an autographed soccer ball, ON-FIELD tickets to see Birmingham Legion in action, and more!


5. Get tasty treats from Steel City Pops and grab Lunch from Bayou Brothers Food Truck.


Birmingham Legion FC


Soccer Kicking Challenges

Show off your kicking skills in with our various challenges. Soccer darts, goal kicks, penalty kicks, corner kicks, midfield shots, and more.

Chris Conolley


MMA Kicking Challenges

These are a SAFE, instructor-led, environment that kids and adults love to try. Let your kids try something new with instruction from Spartan Fitness.

Legendary Shots


Football Kicking Challenges

What's the longest field goal you can make? How far can you punt the ball? Test your skills with your age bracket and win prizes. 

Get a tasty treat for the family!

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Did you know that HPV can cause head and neck cancer?


Tents will be set up from some of the nations leading oncology departments from UAB. Gain information and a new perspective about how you can prevent certain types of cancer.

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